Fountain Pen Tips and Tricks

Although fountain pens require a little bit of touch and skill for one to look nice, there is something to this pen that makes it so posh. It has this sophisticated 50’s vibe that makes it so classy. However, a fountain pen is not like your everyday ball point pen that can work on pretty much any angle and intensity. Like mentioned above, using a fountain pen requires a bit of knowledge and skill so that you can hit its sweet spot. So, to make the long story short, this article aims to guide you on how to use fountain pens correctly and give you fountain pen tips and tricks.

fountain pens

Handling the pen

First of all you should hold the pen and figure out what position you are comfortable with. Most of the time, a fountain pen tends to be more balanced when the cap is attached to it. People with smaller hands however prefer to have the cap off, but it’s really up to you. Most experts and calligraphists suggest that there is a way to fully stabilize a fountain pen. It is by holding it between the thumb and index finger. In this position, the pinky, the ring finger and the palm should rest on the writing surface to provide stability. Ideally, the pen should be inclined around forty to forty five degrees for optimum control especially on curves. You might think that it’s a little low, but it actually lets the ink flow more efficiently so that you can avoid scratching or even tearing the paper apart.

Finding the sweet spot

The sweet spot is basically a part of the edge of fountain pen nibs that allows it to flow smoothly and makes the pen glide through the writing area. By pushing down on the sweet spot, an ample amount of ink flows through it because the tines and the feed of the pen are separated. So in short, to make sure that your writing goes smoothly, always press down on the sweet spot or it will be scratchy and might even destroy the paper that you are writing on.

Writing method

There are two known types of hand writing methods in the world: finger writers and arm writers. Finger writers move their fingers more compared to their wrists. Finger writing is efficient when it comes to putting details into your hand writing especially if you are into calligraphy. Arm writing is more of a faster and more efficient way of doing it. But putting detail into the writing can cause strains to the wrist and to the arm itself.

To wrap it up, there are a few things to remember before buying a luxury fountain pen. One must first take in mind the proper way of handling the pen. It should be inclined at an angle to produce a pleasant output. Finding and using the sweet spot can also make the output beautiful. And lastly, before owning a fountain pen, you should know your writing style because this will help you choose the specifications for your pen. For more details please visit this site

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