Be Your Own Boss with Vending Machines

What kind of business venture will let you make money 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, not have any personnel of crew to employ, and become your own boss? Any start-up businessman in Australia or any part of the world would dream of getting into this kind of commerce. Pursuing a business in vending Brisbane manufacturers sell today is a modest yet cost-effective livelihood that almost anyone can start, regardless of educational background or income level. This vending machine trend started in the late 1990’s and early 2000s in the US where large national venders signed contracts with national businesses like Coca Cola and Fritolays to provide products in vending services.

It might sound like a dream, but as with any business venture there are matters that should be acknowledged and potential risks examined before jumping into the said industry. If you’re a business man and looking to buy vending in Brisbane or any part of Australia, here are some of the pros and cons to consider:

PRO: Stable Returns

Once you set up a vending machine in a certain location, it generates income already. Unlike some businesses that take quite a few years to become money-making, the business of vending in Brisbane or in any part of the AU is often profitable within just a few months. After you choose sites to establish your vending route, you can already begin making a steady income.

PRO: Practical and Manageable

The process of deciding what kind of products to sell in the machine and where to buy them is quite easy. You can simply find a wholesale food provider, or even go as far as make your own products depending on your creativity. Another great advantage with the business of vending Brisbane has to offer today is that you don’t need to hire, supervise and pay employees to run your business. You can simply schedule a visit, for instance once a week to where your vending machines are located to change and add more products. You can hire people to restock but you don’t need to do this often. What is important is keeping the food you sell fresh and replacing anything that expired.

PRO AND CON: Cost of a vending machine and income

The truth is that these mobile convenience stores don’t come cheap. If you’re planning to have 10 mechanical machines, your primary capital investment for these machines and products can reach up to $20,000 to $30,000. Though there are many manufacturers offering cheap vending in Brisbane, there is also the issue of paying a renting fee for the owner of the location that can add up to your capital expense. It might seem expensive, but they’re not as expensive as starting a storefront business. And opening a store has a lot more expenditures compared to vending machines. Read more at The Vending King

CON: Immobile Competition

The perfect location for a vending machine is at a popular place. Ones with a lot of foot traffic can increase your sales. But usually, these places already have a lot of vending machines placed, therefore your competition is tight.

CON: Repair Trouble and Thieves

Burglary and damage are a common problem with a business in vending Brisbane has today. There are cases where the equipment has to be fixed from time to time which will decrease your profit.  Even if machines are never vandalized, they will still require repairs from time to time. There’s also the issue of the use of counterfeit coins to steal from the machines. Make sure you impose strategies to prevent these.

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